6 Ways Sales Is Like the Texas Two-Step

August 10, 2015 Jon Bieler

Sales is a dance. And like dance it requires coordination and communication between partners. If done well it is effortless and graceful. If done poorly, you step on toes and avoid future contact with your partner. BTG has strong roots in Texas, so let’s talk about how Sales is like the Two Step ….

  1. Find the right partner

Without the right partner, you’ll never look good on the dance floor. And without the right buyer you can’t make a sale. Don’t waste your time going after an individual that may not be open to your offer. Once you do find a target, if the prospect does not have a real need, move on. There is nothing more aggravating than dragging someone to the dance floor when they don’t want to dance.

  1. Follow the choreography

Know your pitch and always return to it. If you ever forget the choreography or are thrown off by a distraction, take a deep breath, regroup and remind yourself why you’re there. Like a dance, there should also be a rhythm and pace that you should be able to come back to if you get thrown off.

  1. But adjust your position as needed

As important as it is to know your moves, it’s equally important to be good at improvising. Despite all the homework you’ve done on your “partner,” interactions are unpredictable. Don’t be afraid to take a big step to the left if your partner has gone over there.

  1. Get in tune with your partner’s rhythm

Slow, slow, quick, quick, that’s the rhythm of the Two-Step. At times it speeds up, at times it slows down. Even if you set the pace at the beginning, be mindful of your partner’s desires to speed up or slow down during the dance.

  1. Know how to adapt to new partners

A Texas Two Step involves multiple combinations of people moving back and forth in a line. The way you dance with your first partner, will be different from the way you dance with your second or third – likewise, with every sales conversation. Being nimble and light on your feet is vital.

  1. Check in with the locals

Texas is a big state. From Austin to Houston to lil’ old Laredo, each city has its own version of the two step. Check for best practices in each territory. Ditto for selling. What you say to a company with $10Bn in revenue may be very different from the conversation you will have with a start up.

The beauty in selling (or dancing) is feeling a seamless connection with your partner. Get in touch with us if you want Sales to be more seamless in your organization. We have years of experience and thousands of Independent Consultants who have helped companies look good on the “dance floor.”

About the Author

Jon Bieler

Jon is an Associate Director on BTG's Client Development team. Prior to joining BTG, he held Marketing and Business Development positions in the Business Services and CPG space. He is passionate about sports, music, and Texas.

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