Digital Health: Scaling Pharma X.0 — How to Go Beyond the Pilot When You Go Beyond the Pill

Digital health is one of the fastest-growing—and most promising—opportunities in life science. Done right, it can help companies increase patient engagement, improve outcomes, and tap into markets that researchers and market analysts forecast will add billions of dollars in incremental revenue opportunities over the next few years.

Yet anyone who’s been part of a digital health or “beyond the product” innovation group at a major pharma company knows how difficult it is to capture, define, and execute on these opportunities, much less demonstrate their concrete value to the organization. Groups are established with great fanfare, and everyone is excited about a prospective pilot, partnership, or program. Yet the initiatives seem, more often than not, to go nowhere, because individual company brands and brand leaders don’t feel their needs are being met, or they don’t have the bandwidth to implement the solutions that are being developed. With no champion in the brand, there are ultimately no dollars to drive the innovation across and through the organization.

In this eBook, we’ll explore how to develop a digital health operating model that works for life science companies. We’ll also share a framework for focusing on the most promising—and tangible—opportunities.

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