Best Practices for Installing an On-Demand Talent Program at Enterprise Scale

September 4, 2019 Business Talent Group

George Post recently retired as the Director of World Headquarters Procurement at life science giant Johnson & Johnson.

There, as part of his broader mission to optimize procurement and consulting services, he founded an on-demand talent program called Specialists on Demand, or SOD. SOD is designed to bring J&J executives access to specialized independent professionals, consultants, experts, and executives for targeted engagements across the enterprise.

Business Talent Group is a preferred partner in the program, offering business leaders a low-cost, high-value option for solving complex strategic and operational issues.

On this episode, BTG's Leah Hoffmann speaks with George about:

  • Why J&J decided to build a program to harness the power of on-demand talent at the enterprise level
  • The program's initial goals and structure, and how they evolved over time
  • His best practices for engaging business leaders, differentiating the program from other sources of human capital, and tracking and analyzing the program's performance


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