BTG Enterprise: Talent Agility for the New Normal

Get on-demand expertise at enterprise scale.

The current era of uncertainty has made independent talent an indispensable source of human capital. That’s why leading companies are building the infrastructure to access high-end independent professionals through enterprise-wide on-demand talent programs—providing business leaders a powerful solution to execute discrete deliverables-based consulting projects, augment initiatives with extra skills and capacity, and pursue opportunities amid temporary human resource constraints.

But even the most well-resourced companies face challenges when installing their own on-demand talent programs, including:

  • When to use on-demand talent
  • How to create on-demand talent advocates and power users
  • What KPIs to track to measure the success of the program

BTG Enterprise is a purpose-built programmatic solution to help enterprises capture the benefits of on-demand talent and fuel organizational agility at scale—all powered by our proprietary data, methodology, and marketplace of thousands of independent business professionals.

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