BTG Enterprise: On-Demand Talent at Enterprise Scale

Top companies recognize that on-demand talent is a necessary resource, with 90% of business leaders saying it will be critical to their future competitive advantage. Meanwhile, enterprise leaders in HR, finance, strategy, and sourcing are recognizing that their companies lack the infrastructure to seamlessly engage on-demand talent and the knowledge to optimally deploy them for maximum ROI.

BTG Enterprise provides enterprise and business leaders with the service, technology, and data they need to access and deploy highly skilled on-demand talent for immediate project
needs and talent gaps across the organization.

This purpose-built, programmatic solution delivers:

  • Fast access to in-demand skills and expertise
  • Consulting cost savings
  • Organizational agility

Plus compliance support and program management to help scale the value of on-demand talent across the organization.

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Meet Your Agile Workforce

Install programmatic, enterprise-wide access to the talent you need to solve today’s challenges and capture tomorrow’s potential. Contact the BTG Enterprise team to explore a program today!

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