Trends by Industry: Healthcare

Each year, Business Talent Group releases our High-End Independent Talent Report, looking across industries and business functions to analyze how business leaders deploy independent consultants, executives, experts, and project managers to complete critical work and meet their goals. Here are the top trends in how healthcare industry leaders deployed these highly skilled talent in 2020.

Healthcare companies often struggle to recruit top talent—but still need fast access to a wide range of expertise. With deep experience and a hands-on approach to engagements, independent experts are a natural fit for the industry, and executives are turning to them for support on things like streamlining business processes and becoming more customer-centric.


34% Operations
33% Strategy
13% Organization
12% Transformation
8% Interim Executive



Business Processes

Business Intelligence and Analytics

Human Capital

Interim Executive

Change Management

Marketing and Sales Strategy

Service Operations



Project Management

Process Optimization and Transformation

Program Management Office (PMO)

Salesforce Effectiveness

Tech and Systems Implementation

Advanced Analytics



  • Evaluate ways to reduce operational costs in the clinical environment
  • Submit an application for FDA approval of a new product in the U.S. market
  • Provide best practices for gathering and integrating data into customer profiles
  • Implement a programmatic hiring process based on overall staffing vision and plan
  • Analyze current billing processes and operational support structures and make changes to reduce costs, add new technologies, and improve processes



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