Data-Driven Decision Making

In an effort to use data science to identify opportunities, the CIO of a global insurance company found himself needing a data science expert to take a leadership role on several initiatives, including risk identification, efficiency efforts for acquisition marketing programs, and development of an Agile Scrum team model. He needed a consultant who could leverage data, lead cross-functional teams, and utilize AI and machine learning to conduct a proof-of-concept for these data initiatives.  

Business Talent Group (BTG) provided a seasoned data science and AI expert with both executive leadership and big firm consulting experience—who had previously helped an insurance company employ data-driven tech to increase quality of service and customer satisfaction. Overseeing a team of three internal resources, he conducted the work that would ultimately support a larger effort to build out and sustain a data science capability within the company. 

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Summer Foote is BTG’s Communications and Design Specialist. A graphic designer and content creator with a background in magazine editing, Summer has worked with many businesses on brand development and marketing projects.

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