Top 3 Business Problems – August

August 23, 2016 Leah Hoffmann

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At BTG, we help clients address all sorts of business problems.

Here are 3 of the most interesting challenges we saw this August…

Transforming tech support

Tech Support

An enterprise technology company was shifting its service model from an hourly fee to a monthly subscription package basis. Yet the 2-person corporate strategy department was struggling to map the implications of the change across the business—and prioritize the work that would transform other departments.

BTG delivered 2 experienced strategy consultants to assist with the analysis. One consultant evaluated service offer bundles and pricing, while the other calculated the impact the changes would have on sales operations and client communications. The client gained strategic problem-solving skills while preserving their ability to work leanly at a time of intense transformation.

Entering the animal nutrition market

"Here's a carrot"

A food and beverage company was preparing to enter the animal nutrition market. The company’s strategy team had already reviewed market research and identified several product lines they thought would be a good fit. But they needed additional expertise to validate their thinking and fast-track their entry strategies.

The strategist that BTG delivered — who had worked at McKinsey and Bain and held executive roles at both private and public companies — had a degree in Veterinary Medicine. In a compact, 2-week project, he delivered a high-level but thorough assessment of the market potential, including size, growth, and profitability by segment and geography.

Setting a spin-off communications strategy

Getting Smart

A manufacturing company was preparing for a major corporate split. The internal communications team needed help crafting and executing a communications strategy during the transition. Hoping to find a more cost-effective resource than their go-to corporate communications vendor, they turned to BTG.

BTG’s communications specialist spearheaded an internal brand audit and created a master strategy document that organized the ideas, timing, audiences, and resources needed to execute against the strategy. She then worked with the team to roll out the materials, leading the creation of a new content strategy, brand guidelines, content calendar, and website.


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