2023 Skills Index

August 8, 2023

Thriving in a complex environment 

Companies find themselves in a unique position in today’s dynamic and ever-changing business landscape. While fears of an economic downturn have lingered through much of 2023, a significant recession has yet to materialize, and there is now serious debate among economists on whether we’re likely to enter one anytime soon.1,2

Amid these uncertain times, leading companies are seeking innovative strategies and solutions to address both the challenges of the present and seize growth opportunities for the future. Increasingly, they’re relying on independent, on-demand talent marketplaces that have become a key piece of human capital infrastructure—offering safe, flexible, and cost-effective access to the specialized skills and expertise needed to thrive in the complex business environment.

In this annual examination of proprietary BTG data on thousands of projects from enterprise and mid-market companies, private equity firms, and global nonprofits, we reveal the top on-demand talent skills business leaders are seeking as they aim to meet pressing financial needs, transform operations to enhance efficiency, seamlessly adopt new technologies, and place intelligent bets for growth in the years ahead.3

Explore how highly skilled on-demand talent are helping leaders:

  • Navigate heightened and sustained demand for finance expertise
  • Seamlessly adopt advanced technologies like generative AI
  • Streamline processes and boost efficiency for operational excellence
  • Make bold, strategic bets for growth
  • Access the skills needed to succeed now and in the future

1 “The Probability of US Recession in the Next Year Has Fallen to 20%.” Goldman Sachs, July 2023.

2 “LEI for the US Fell Further in June.” The Conference Board, July 2023. 

3 Internal analysis of BTG project data, July 2023. 


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