Dimitar Antov

Dimitar Antov is a Ph.D. economist, consultant, and analytics leader who specializes in applying empirical analysis, Big Data, and advanced analytics to highly complex business problems. As the Managing Director of Straight Forward Concepts—a boutique data science and analytics consultancy—Dimitar offers clients unique expertise in harnessing the power of AI, machine learning, data visualization, and BI reporting to capture consumer demand, enable tactical planning, and execute strategic initiatives. Prior to SFC, Dimitar spent 13 years with the Cambridge Group and 9 years with the Nielsen Company. He also co-authored the book “Optimizing Growth,” which covers the practical applications of modern analytics techniques in driving profitable growth.

  • 4 Data-Driven Approaches for a Better Pricing Strategy

    4 Data-Driven Approaches for a Better Pricing Strategy

    Determining the appropriate level of pricing is integral to any go-to-market strategy. Economist and analytics leader Dimitar Antov offers 4 data-driven ways to get your pricing strategy right.

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