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From the beginning, our mission at Business Talent Group has been to bring top on-demand, independent talent to the most important projects, thereby enhancing business performance and improving people’s lives. During these uncertain times, we want to use our platform and expertise to help where we are able. To that end and guided by our mission, we are supporting talent and businesses as they navigate the coming months in the following ways:

BTG is supporting Talent by:

  • Making a philanthropic donation to the Freelancers Relief Fund established by the Freelancers Union to assist independent workers who experience financial hardship as a result of the coronavirus pandemic
  • Partnering with companies to provide furloughed and laid-off talent with project-based opportunities and access to exclusive benefits
  • Offering BTG talent access to exclusive discounts to an award-winning curriculum and expert instructors through our partnership with General Assembly.

BTG is supporting Small Businesses and Nonprofits by:

  • Connecting organizations that have fewer than 50 employees with BTG independent consultants, experts, and executives who are interested in working on their critical project needs during this period of unprecedented challenges through our Small Business and Nonprofit Expert Connection program. Talent can log in to the talent portal to view Expert Connection projects and find more instructions on how to apply.

BTG is supporting the Companies we serve by:

  • Gratefully connecting our clients with talent who have made astoundingly generous offers to work on COVID-19-related projects gratis
  • Creating a collection of resources—including expert Q&A podcasts, remote working tips, and more—to help lead organizations through COVID-19 disruptions

Please know that we are here to help. We hope you are safe and healthy.

About the Author

Jody Greenstone Miller and Amelia Warren Tyagi are the co-founders and co-CEOs of Business Talent Group, the leading provider of highly skilled independent talent for project-based work. Among numerous other accolades, Jody and Amelia were both named to Staffing Industry Analysts’ Global Power 150 list in 2019.

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