The Gig Economy is Your Ticket for Sourcing Top Talent

January 12, 2017 Ashley Beckord

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The rise of independent talent is dramatic, and isn’t going anywhere soon. This year the freelance economy grew to 55 million Americans – accounting for 35% of the nation’s workforce1. We’re not just talking about people in the services industry, this includes a growing population of professionals who’ve been trained at top-tier schools and companies. Tapping the gig economy for talent has hit the knowledge economy.

There are a few factors in the market driving people to work in new ways and power the gig economy of talent. Many top-tier workers across generations who have historically worked in a full-time capacity no longer want to. They now seek greater flexibility and freedom to prioritize what matters to them outside of the office. 70% of independent business consultants choose to be independent, and 78% plan to “stay the course” as one2.

Forbes recently published an article citing the benefits of using independent talent in this way, how to make the most of those engagements, and the importance of how you access this market. Within their article, they also referenced Business Talent Group as a key organization that makes it “…significantly easier to find, vet and contract with freelance talent.”

1 – UpWork
2 – McKinsey Global Institute

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