Business Talent Group CEO Named to SIA Global 150

November 15, 2018 Leah Hoffmann

SIA global 150 - jody greenstone miller

The Staffing Industry Analysts (SIA) Global Power 150 celebrates women who influence a rapidly evolving world of work. Business Talent Group is proud to announce that our CEO, Jody Greenstone Miller, is included on the list—a tribute to her focus on changing the way work gets done.

SIA’s list, introduced in 2015, initially included 50 women from North America and 50 from elsewhere in the world. It now includes 150 women in staffing from around the globe and aims “to honor those female leaders making a difference.” As the list’s editors note:

Women account for 58% of the American workforce, according to the US Department of Labor, but they are significantly outnumbered when it comes to leadership positions at top companies. Our industry is not that different. While women dominate the industry at the branch-office level, these numbers are not reflected in our C-suites.

There’s obviously more to be done. But what was heart-warming was the several hundred nominations we received from our readers for this list.

At our end, we want the narrative to celebrate those women who influence a rapidly evolving world of work. These women have not just elevated the industry, but have helped shape a $461 billion global staffing industry (based on 2017 revenue) by introducing new models of work.

“It continues to be essential that we recognize female leadership and call out the immensely important roles these women play in developing, driving and delivering solutions, work models and value for the industry,” said Subadhra Sriram, SIA’s Editor & Publisher, Media Products. “It is exciting to see the list grow this year to include more of the executives who are making things happen across the workforce solutions ecosystem.”

Congratulations to Jody and all the other exceptional women on the list and in the industry.

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