When One Consultant Is Better Than A Dozen

May 17, 2016 Michelle Madden

To quote our client Mark Greenstein, EVP at Heartland Dental, “I’m a huge fan of McKinsey, but I didn’t need a big team, off in a corner…or the overhead that go with hiring them.” On-demand consultants have arrived.

Many companies are discovering that consulting alternatives like Business Talent Group, offer superior results with far lower costs.

BTG’s proud to be at the forefront of helping companies accelerate their business through the reliable, efficient deployment of independent consultants. As our clients know – extraordinary consultants, with just-the-right-skills, at a lower price, IS an option.

Read the piece by Bloomberg Businessweek here.

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Introducing the New Talent Economy

Learn how to put the gig economy to work on your top business initiatives.


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