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April 30, 2020 Eric Knox

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At Business Talent Group, we’re continually impressed with the talent in our marketplace—not only for their abilities, but also for their drive to roll up their sleeves and provide hands-on solutions that improve both our clients’ business performance and the lives of their customers. In recent days, we’ve received a number of exceedingly generous offers from talent interested in pitching in with discounted or pro bono consulting services for companies and organizations working on solutions to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and related business problems.

In the interest of supporting critically important and possibly life-saving projects, here we are showcasing talent who have made such offers. We will continue to update this post with new pro bono consulting resources and special offers as we receive them.

To start a pro bono consulting engagement, please provide details about your project here and note the talent you would like to engage in the "Project Description" field.

Photo of Marc Cooley - BTG Talent

Marc Cooley

BioPharma Commercial Development Architect

Marc Cooley is an independent biopharma consultant with experience in vaccine development and infectious disease epidemiology. His firm, PharmaTegix, helps companies bring commercial planning efforts to their research and development processes to ensure launch success and accelerate return.

Available to Help with: Pro bono consulting services for companies and organizations working on treatments or vaccines for the management of COVID-19 (no role too small or limited)

Marc joined us recently on the BTG Insights on Demand podcast to share his advice on the commercial considerations that life science companies should keep in mind as they develop COVID-19 vaccines and therapies. Listen Now

Photo of Martine Taylor - BTG Talent

Martine Taylor

Healthcare, Pharmaceutical, and Medical Device Marketing Strategist

Martine Taylor is a seasoned healthcare marketing strategist who has held senior leadership roles in Europe and North America that span inline and pipeline pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical device marketing across a broad range of therapeutic areas. Combining experience across both agency and industry, Martine offers an innate ability to translate strategy into robust tactical execution, with a proven record of accomplishment for developing innovative, customer-centric, integrated solutions that shape and profitably grow healthcare brands.

Available to Help with: Pro bono marketing and strategy consulting services for healthcare and life science companies working on COVID-19 related projects

Martine also joined us on the BTG Insights on Demand podcast to share her expertise on building effective, digital, pharmaceutical detailing programs and discuss how best practices in eDetailing can help life science companies pull through the immediate public health crisis and rethink long-term strategies for engaging with physicians post-COVID-19 era. Listen Now

Photo of Lee Leiderman - BTG Talent

Lee Leiderman

Strategic Finance Executive with Global Mindset

Lee Leiderman is a strategic senior financial executive with extensive global operational experience and a passion for value-added process improvements. Possessing 20+ years of experience in large multinational public and private companies, diverse industries, and complex business case scenarios, Lee is a decisive problem solver with superior analytical and leadership skills who has driven process optimizations saving millions of dollars worldwide.

Available to Help with: Pro bono consulting services for companies dealing with the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic

Photo of Dr. Debbie Kelsey - BTG Talent

Dr. Debbie Kelsey

Strategy Consultant with Passion for Improving Patient Experience and Outcomes

Dr. Debbie Kelsey, Ph.D, is a former McKinsey consultant with 20+ years of executive management and 25+ years of innovation experience, specializing in healthcare strategy and innovation across the pharmaceutical, medical device, healthcare IT, payer/provider, and policy sectors. Her work has focused on leading executive teams to develop and execute transformational strategic initiatives to drive growth, optimize performance and build capabilities, with a focus on disruptive trends and technologies to deliver improved patient experience and outcomes to clients and their customers.

Available to Help with: Strategy consulting services (remote only) at a reduced rate for healthcare, life science, and technology companies working on COVID-19 solutions, staff and patient safety, or the manufacturing and distribution of critical supplies

Photo of Michelle Cantor - BTG Talent

Michelle Cantor

Experienced and Results-Driven Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Consultant

For more than 20 years, Michelle Cantor has been a driver of thought leadership and strategic direction relative to organizational and talent development, with a background that includes eight years of change management consulting with Fortune 500 companies and serving as the Diversity and Inclusion Program Lead for Accenture’s North America Strategy Practice.

Available to Help with: Creating and implementing a remote-workforce strategy. Offering a free half-hour virtual consultation and readiness assessment

All of us at BTG sincerely thank the talent above for their generous offers for pro bono consulting, as well as all of our talent and clients who are already working on solutions to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

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