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Resolve to clone yourself: three identical business men in an office

With a new year comes new goals, areas of focus and resolutions. We’ve all heard or seen things like “New year, new you” and witnessed plenty of new faces at the gym and healthy lunch spots in Januaries of past and present. But there are an array of resolutions you can make to improve your work life – that are easy to stick to. This year, resolve to work smarter, not harder.

A simple search query of “be more productive at work” pulls in about 39M results across the web. To save you some time, we analyzed the five keys recommendations from top-ranked results that set you up to work smarter, not harder:

  1. Make your environment more appealing
  2. Limit distractions and stop multi-tasking
  3. Take breaks
  4. Incorporate physical activity to your day
  5. Listen to music

These tips are fine, but wouldn’t a clone be more helpful? Seriously, if you could find a copy of yourself, or all-star team member – think about how much more you could get done without adding hours to the day. Human cloning technology is still very much a thing of the future – but harnessing the power of independent consultants is a way to leverage similar benefits today.

The rise of independent talent is dramatic and not going away anytime soon. 30% of the current US and European workforce engage in independent work1. And 70% of independent consultants choose to be independent, and 78% plan to “stay the course” as one1. This growing pool of talent makes finding your ideal fit (cough, clone, cough) when you need them an achievable goal.

If that still sounds like science fiction, keep in mind that you aren’t looking for a body double—you’re simply engaging someone with a similar level of experience and skills for a very targeted period of time.

1 – McKinsey Global Institute

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