Why Passion Is Overrated

October 5, 2016 Michelle Madden

Our CEO Jody Miller is passionate about the company she founded (BTG) and passionate about the industry that she helped create – the high-end independent freelance marketplace, but she does not like the word “passion” when speaking about how to identify the right career.

Jody says,

“I don’t like the word passion. I think it puts a lot of pressure on people. It’s great if you really do have a passion and you developed it naturally and nurtured it. I have read many times that Steven Spielberg was making movies when he was 12, but not everybody has that. I think there’s too much focus on, ‘What is your passion? What is your passion?’ What I tell people is just kind of do what naturally interests you and what you’re drawn to. I think the standard of passion is just like the standard of love at first sight. It’s a romantic idea that occasionally happens, but that most people have to take smaller steps and get involved with something they find interesting. I think that’s a more realistic view of what happens to most people and the way you will end up in the right place.”

To see the full interview with the Philadelphia based publication, Metro, click here.


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