Developing Compelling Global Health Policy Narratives and Supporting Evidence

As a part of its global therapeutic area (TA) health policy initiatives, a leading biopharma company needed a new and improved narrative and evidence deck to impress upon policymakers and other critical stakeholders the importance of timely diagnosis and treatment of a specific disease. The materials were structured in three sections:

  1. Making the case for change for policy makers
  2. Giving reasons to believe effective policy solutions are available
  3. Issuing a call to action by policy makers

BTG delivered a senior health policy consultant to analyze the current research and materials to better understand the burden and impact of the disease. The consultant then created a TA-specific health policy narrative for both U.S. and ex-U.S. markets, developed a one-page leave-behind tailored to each market, and built an external evidence deck for presentation at regional franchise meetings.


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