Targeted Finance Leadership for a High-Growth Start-Up

July 13, 2023

A sustainability-focused biotech start-up had been incredibly successful in its funding stages, poised to launch its groundbreaking line of renewably sourced ingredients for skincare, medical products, and textiles. In this high-growth environment, the CFO and controller were strapped for capacity. Most urgently, it was time to complete their annual budget, and they did not have a free set of hands. The CFO turned to Business Talent Group (BTG) for targeted, high-level finance support with the know-how to lead the budgeting process. The client stressed the need to find specialized talent within a shortened timeline and at a price point that worked for their constrained budget.

BTG placed a former Big 4 CPA who had worked in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries and had over 30 years’ experience leading finance teams. The consultant had previously served in interim CFO and finance consulting roles and was able to hit the ground running—taking charge of the budgeting process and other time-sensitive tasks to allow the client’s CFO and controller to focus their attention on other mission-critical projects.

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