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2022 Trends in Interim Leadership


With millions of workers participating in the Great Resignation, business leaders face a growing list of open roles. But in an era of quick changes in consumer behavior, new product offerings, data and digital advancements, and a spike in M&A activity, this is no time to delay major initiatives and wait for the hiring process. Top companies are increasingly leveraging high-end independents to fill essential leadership gaps and continue driving change and impact until a long-term leader can be found. It can also help companies avoid the confidentiality required when a previous leader is still in seat—allowing for faster
and more open search.

With strategic expertise and operating experience at industry-leading organizations, these on-demand leaders can conduct capability build outs, address the most immediate needs, lend extra muscle to provide relief for leadership teams, and set the future permanent hire up for success. At an organizational level, engaging independent talent on an interim basis can provide leadership capacity to address surge moments, as well as a testing ground to refine requirements for the ideal long-term candidate.

The demand for interim C-suite leaders is growing greatly—especially in key roles such as CFOs (+74% YOY) and rapidly developing functions like CTOs, CIOs, and CISOs (+83% YOY). But flexible, on-demand leadership continues to permeate the organization at all levels. Last year, we noted a 70% increase in interim placements below the C-suite. This year, the increase is even greater, with the number of requests to fill leadership-level roles up through SVPs leaping by 189% YOY. Overall, requests for interim leaders increased by 137% YOY.

Read our spotlight on interim leaders to discover:

  • The top interim roles by level and function
  • The most in-demand C-suite interim leader roles
  • Sample interim leader placements at all levels
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