Trends by Industry: Retail

Each year, Business Talent Group releases our High-End Independent Talent Report, looking across industries and business functions to analyze how business leaders deploy independent consultants, executives, experts, and project managers to complete critical work and meet their goals. Here are the top trends in how retail industry leaders deployed these highly skilled talent in 2020.

Retailers need to be nimble to keep up with today’s consumers. They must also leverage technology to deliver a seamless, personalized experience across all buying channels. It’s no surprise that the industry is turning to independent executives, who offer experienced, hands-on leadership in addition to expertise in things like digital strategy, IT systems implementation, ERP, cost reduction, and pricing.


50% Strategy
25% Operations
13% Interim Executive
8% Organization
4% Transformation



Interim Executive

Business Processes

 Digital Strategy

Marketing and Sales Strategy

Opportunity Assessment

Service Operations

Supply Chain



Project Management

E-commerce and Internet Strategy

IT Systems Strategy

Product Management

Tech and Systems Implementation



  • Develop a go-live checklist for an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) transformation
  • Serve as an interim Chief Data and Privacy Officer to lead data governance efforts
  • Provide subject-matter expertise to validate product category taxonomy schema
  • Identify process and technology improvements to facilitate new store openings
  • Analyze store productivity to identify cost reduction opportunities





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