BTG Guide to Strategy in Uncertain Times

May 19, 2020

A note from BTG Co-CEO Jody Greenstone Miller

We are all living through truly unprecedented, challenging times. In fact, these are the most difficult business conditions most of us have witnessed. Times like these require strength and courage—real fortitude, innovation, teamwork, trust, empathy, and quite frankly, some luck to navigate successfully.

Our talent never cease to amaze me with their deep experience and keen insight. As we look at contingency planning and adjusting goals for both the short- and long-term, these experts offer a unique perspective and a wealth of knowledge. Here we have compiled some of their thought pieces on strategic planning and execution, focusing priorities, making fast decisions, and adapting strategy as part of a crisis response.

It’s been said that we often “draw straight, but with crooked lines.” This is a crooked line—one that we could not have anticipated. As you search for perspective, creativity, and wisdom to navigate this period, BTG is here to help, sharing knowledge and offering expertise.

Table of Contents

Part 1: The Strategic Planning Process
A practical guide to making (and changing) plans

Part 2: Just Say No
How to focus your strategic priorities

Part 3: Strategy Deployment
The missing link between strategy and execution

Part 4: Making Fast Business Decisions
Management practices and mindsets to up the tempo

Part 5: Adapting Strategy Amid Turbulence
Setting strategic priorities as part of a crisis response


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