Beyond the Supertemp: The Explosive Growth of the High-End Freelance Market

August 2, 2017 Leah Hoffmann

Supertemp, High-end Freelance Market: Harvard Business Review Rise of the Supertemps Cover

It’s not news that top professionals, from CFOs to consultants, are choosing to work independently—or that smart companies are finding more and more ways to take advantage of the opportunity they present. These top professionals are fueling the high-end of freelance market of so-called supertemps.

Back in 2012, it was a different story. In a pioneering Harvard Business Review article, Business Talent Group (BTG) CEO Jody Miller examined the phenomenon in depth, concluding that “Traditional models of work are being upended by a convergence of the emerging desires of top professionals and the evolving needs of 21st century organizations. When the dust clears, the way people think about elite careers, the corporation, and the economy will never again be quite the same.”

This July, Forbes sat down with Miller to explore what’s happened in the meantime. As project flow has become increasingly steady for free agents, more professionals have opened their minds to freelancing. More clients have, as well; in fact, BTG has now supplied expertise to 37% of the Fortune 100. “Companies, from the top, are starting to understand they need to think about talent differently and help their organization understand and access talent on demand,” Miller asserted in the piece.

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