[Podcast] Bloomberg Businessweek Covers the Latest On-Demand Talent Trends amid Economic Uncertainty

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(Skip to 21:30 to jump right into the interview.)

Business Talent Group’s 2023 High-End Independent Talent Report explores how business leaders are leveraging on-demand talent to stay nimble amid uncertainty—as companies strive to attain more flexibility and bring in new skills to navigate rapidly changing markets. Among the findings: a 116% increase year over year in the need for interim leadership at all levels throughout organizations, with demand in the C-suite rising 78%.

BTG CEO Amelia Warren Tyagi joined Carol Massar and Madison Mills of Bloomberg Businessweek to take a closer look at the research, which is based on analysis of thousands of project inquiries across industries and functions. Tyagi noted that demand for flexible talent solutions is on the rise.

“We’re actually seeing that as the economy gets choppier and there’s more uncertainty out there, that folks are really turning to on-demand solutions because they want that flexibility,” Tyagi said. “They still need to get things done and they need it fast, but they don’t want to necessarily make long-term commitments.”

The report highlights an acute need for on-demand talent in the finance office: Interim CFO requests were up 103% year over year, while the demand for interim controllers skyrocketed 233%. For interim finance talent across the board, demand was up 71%, and requests for talent skilled in financial controls, accounting, and audit increased 76%.

“Some of what we’re seeing is some skill realignment,” Tyagi said. “The CFO is increasingly being asked to wear a number of additional hats, especially in this kind of environment. In some situations they’re being asked to raise money. In others, they’re asked to manage cash in a whole different way. They’re asked to help with restructuring; they may even be asked to assist with big IT projects.”

Listen in (skip to 21:30) as they further explore how highly skilled independent talent have become a key source of skills and expertise for business leaders, whether they need to grow fast, seize opportunities, or pivot adeptly in today’s increasingly competitive business environment.

Or see the data for yourself in the 2023 High-End Independent Talent Report.


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