[Podcast] Bloomberg Businessweek Reviews the Independent Talent Trends Fueling Economic Recovery

July 30, 2021 Rachel Halversen

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In July, Business Talent Group released our 2021 Skills Index chronicling the most sought-after independent talent skills global companies are tapping to ride the upswing of the K-shaped economic recovery. Based on an analysis of proprietary data on thousands of project requests from BTG clients, the report spotlights the most in-demand and fastest growing skills needed as companies seek to accelerate growth in the nascent economic recovery.

Following the release, BTG Co-Founder and Co-CEO Jody Greenstone Miller joined Bloomberg Businessweek host Carol Massar to discuss the Skills Index results, which show that demand for high-caliber independent skills has skyrocketed as companies strive to access skills and expertise that are difficult to source in today’s tight labor market. Listen in on Bloomberg Radio, or read on for highlights below.

Massar began the segment by noting recent comments from Federal Reserve chairman Jerome Powell in which he stated that the labor market has a long way to go in terms of returning to pre-pandemic normalcy. Miller offered her perspective as Co-CEO of BTG, the leading provider in the rapidly growing high-end independent talent segment. “From our point of view, which is fast moving on-demand talent, [the market] is booming. Everyone in the space is seeing double-digit growth, there’s enormous demand and talent is busy, so it’s a good time to be an independent professional.”

Massar and Miller then discussed some specific findings from the annual Skills Index.

“What we found, not surprisingly, is that there is a category of things that are somewhat related to the COVID period that are growing very fast. B2B marketing, forecasting, compliance strategy,” Miller said. “At the same time, the things that are most common in the on-demand world are basics: project management, market landscape and research, growth strategies. We’re seeing this population be able to both pitch in and help on very specific things that are happening in the world now, but also take on the traditional roles that they can jump in and provide value for.”

With concerns about COVID variants rising, Miller also shared advice about how companies can navigate the uncertainty re-entering the business landscape:

When you have instability and uncertainty, having the ability to quickly bring in talent and have them focus on something near-term and specific can be a very smart way to deal with that kind of uncertainty.

There’s more where that came from in the remainder of the Bloomberg segment. Give it a listen or take some time to review The BTG 2021 Skills Index and see how companies like yours are resourcing for high-growth recovery amid the ongoing uncertainty.

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