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The BTG 2021 Skills Index

July 26, 2021 Business Talent Group

The most in-demand and fastest growing skills fueling economic recovery

Resourcing for high-growth recovery

The world looks very different today than it did when Business Talent Group (BTG) released our last Skills Index in July 2020. Today, with vaccinations on the rise and a sense of normalcy battling to return, some companies are emerging stronger following the turbulent business conditions and mass digital migration of the past year. Others—those hardest hit by the societal effects of the pandemic—are still reeling but tenaciously pursuing transformational paths back to growth.

Access to in-demand skills and expertise will be key to achieving the desired level of growth for companies on both legs of the current K-shaped economic recovery. But with concerns about a "Great Resignation" on the horizon—over 40% of workers globally are considering leaving their employers this year—finding and retaining the talent required for critical initiatives and agile transformations could prove to be a significant challenge. Meanwhile, fears about the impact of new COVID variants are again fueling uncertainty and a need to remain nimble as the situation develops.

No surprise then that leading companies are increasing their adoption of high-end independent talent to fill the widening skills gap, remain agile in a still turbulent environment, and access top professionals who are increasingly flooding out of the full-time market. Possessing everything from mainstay skills like market analysis and project management to niche expertise in growing fields and functions, independent talent are fueling growth, optimizing operations, and driving market-moving results across all areas of the business landscape.

In this annual examination of proprietary BTG data on thousands of projects by Fortune 1000 companies and global equivalents, private equity firms, and nonprofits, we reveal the most pressing priorities and independent talent skills needed during this time of recovery and growth. Here are our findings for 2021.*

Read the Report to Discover:

  • The top 10 most in-demand talent skills overall and top 5 by industry
  • The top 10 fastest growing skills year-over-year and the trends driving demand in each area
  • Changes in demand for top skills over the last 30 months
  • How companies are building workforce agility with on-demand, independent talent

*Internal analysis of project data. Business Talent Group, July 2021.

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About the Author

Business Talent Group (BTG) is the leading talent platform that connects top independent management consultants, subject matter experts, project managers, and interim executives with the world's best companies. BTG provides just the right on-demand talent needed: remote or on-site, part-time or full-time, individuals or teams, all around the world. That’s why more than 50% of the F100 and hundreds of other leading companies trust BTG to curate, vet, and compliantly deliver talent who fuel growth, innovation, and performance improvement. Find in-demand skills and expertise at businesstalentgroup.com

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