BTG raises $8 Million in Series B Funding

September 12, 2016 Michelle Madden

Believing that the market for independent professionals is ripe for explosion and that BTG is the company to make it happen, NextEquity Partners has led the Business Talent Group Series B $8MM funding round.

The capital will enable BTG to accelerate growth by combining proprietary technology and data, with the highly targeted client engagement model that BTG pioneered.

In the words of NextEquity’s Managing Director Adam Hopkins:

“BTG already serves 30% of the Fortune 100 – and hundreds of other firms – in a space that has explosive growth potential. Talented people increasingly want to work independently. Top organizations want more flexible, cost-effective ways to get work done. BTG’s unique knowledge and experience bridging these two workplace trends positions them for continued leadership in a market they helped invent. We’re thrilled to partner with BTG as it builds capacity to seize this opportunity.”

Read the full press release or get in touch if there’s a project you need help with.

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