Business Talent Group Included in Talent Tech Labs’ Ecosystem

January 11, 2018 Leah Hoffmann

Talent Tech Labs Talent Acquisition Technology Ecosystem

Over the past few years, it’s become clear that traditional workforce models—expensive consulting firms and full-time hires on the one hand, and less skilled contingent workers on the other—aren’t enough to help big companies be as agile as they need to.

Fortunately, an ecosystem of start-ups and technologies has emerged to support new ways of working. Referred to by different labels, these solutions let companies source and structure work in innovative ways to gain access to more specific skills and expertise at greater speed and, frequently, lower cost.

Business Talent Group is pleased to be on one of the best maps to this nascent space: the Talent Tech Labs Talent Acquisition Technology Ecosystem. Why? Because it means we’re considered innovative and influential in the talent acquisition tech space. TTL tracks more than 1500 companies and has committed to highlighting the most innovative and influential technologies.

Business Talent Group, meanwhile, offers on-demand access to thousands of the world’s best freelance consultants, who work on mission-critical initiatives that range from planning to performance improvement, innovation to business intelligence. Here’s what makes us unique in the Temporary Labor Marketplace segment:

  • Careful curation: Our dedicated talent team deeply screens thousands of candidates to fill our network with top professionals.
  • Expert vetting: Our in-house consultants painstakingly scope the work and assess talent options for a perfect fit.
  • Rapid deployment: Within days, we can provide you independent consultants with the skills and experience you need.
  • Support for success: We’ll stay involved at every step to ensure a successful outcome and complete satisfaction.

41% of the F100 trust BTG for on-demand talent. From ecommerce to supply chain, big data to market expansion, call BTG when you need innovative thinking, in-demand skills, or sheer capacity. Simply share your need, select your talent, and get the work done.

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