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It can be hard to find the right talent to manage critical initiatives—especially when trying to find a life science consultant. In the life science industry, 70% of CEOs say they are concerned about the availability of skills.

Fortunately, Business Talent Group’s curated network of high-end independent life science consultants can jump in fast to tackle priorities ranging from digital health to market access. These consultants combine cutting-edge skills with expertise in specific therapeutic areas and geographies to help companies answer big questions, evaluate new opportunities, and stay ahead of the competition.

Want to take a closer look? Check out a few of the thousands of independent life science consultants in our network—and find the consultant who can help you solve YOUR next big business challenge.

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Here are some of the projects our life science consultants recently completed for clients:

  • Launched a direct-to-consumer pilot with the transformation group at a F200 pharma company
  • Refined predictive models for a new patient adherence device with a F200 pharma company’s digital health group
  • Assessed the market access potential for the pipeline asset that a multi-million-dollar pharmaceutical company was interested in acquiring
  • Created an engagement strategy for integrated delivery networks (IDNs) for a biopharma company’s cardiovascular assets

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