Gig Economy Benefits: Introducing the Allstate Business Shield for BTG

November 14, 2017 Leah Hoffmann

gig economy benefits: Allstate Small Business Resource Center

Demand for freelance consultants and independent business talent has skyrocketed in the past ten years. That’s great news for companies, which are leveraging this new resource to increase agility, tap hard-to-hire skills, and do more with less. It’s also great news for independent workers, who enjoy the freedom to choose how they work and what they work on.

But working independently carries unique risks, and maintaining benefits like health and retirement is only one of them. Independents are also exposed to unique risks, like protecting personally-owned business equipment or confidential client data.

That’s why Business Talent Group (BTG) teamed up with Allstate to create the Allstate Business Shield for BTG program. Designed with the unique needs of independent consultants in mind, it provides an exclusive portal through which consultants can research insurance options and protect their practices.

The Allstate Business Shield for BTG is available exclusively to BTG’s network of independent consultants, and it’s just one of many ways we try to serve this vibrant community—and make it easier for them to deliver value to our clients.

“The strength of our business comes from the exceptional quality of our independent talent pool, which helps our clients work faster, smarter and more efficiently,” BTG CEO Jody Miller commented in the press release. “Allying with Allstate—one of America’s most trusted brands—allows us to provide industry-leading tools and resources that help our consultants protect their businesses.”

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