Expert Advice to Stay Ahead Through the COVID-19 Pandemic

May 26, 2020 Alysha Khan

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In today’s turbulent business atmosphere, it’s critical for executives and leaders to have expert knowledge, fresh ideas, and new perspectives as they plan and execute their next steps. Here’s a round-up of our best advice from top independent consultants to help you stay ahead through the COVID-19 pandemic:

Costovation: Using Innovation to Cut Costs

Innovation isn’t just a way to boost revenue and capture market share. It can also help you control costs by helping you build targeted solutions at a low cost. Innovation specialist Steve Wunker explains how.

Turnaround Management: How to Create and Execute Realistic Plans

Distressed companies often try to do too many things at once. Business transformation expert Carl Lane explains how he helps clients focus on the most impactful changes—and create realistic turnaround plans.

Interim Leadership is Entering a New Era. Here’s What You Need to Know

Every business leader needs the support of their A-team to respond to a crisis. But if your team is missing a critical player, independent interim executives can help fill the gap. BTG’s Chief Innovation Officer Sandra Pinnavaia explains how.

Three Ways to Drive Operational Efficiencies

Uncovering new operational efficiencies is one of the ways a company can mitigate the impacts of an economic crisis. Independent growth executive Suzie Kronberger shares her cross-industry tips for optimizing operations.

Transforming Your Business? Avoid These 5 Mistakes

As a result of the pandemic, many companies have had to accelerate their timelines for rolling out business transformations. Expert Scott Leavitt outlines the most common pitfalls companies face when undergoing transformations and explains how to avoid them.

The BTG Guide to Strategy in Uncertain Times

As you look at contingency planning and adjusting goals for both the short- and long-term, check out this guide with some of our top thought pieces on strategic planning and execution, focusing priorities, making fast decisions, and adapting strategy as part of a crisis response.

BTG Guide to Projectizing

How do you approach business challenges when you don’t have all the right resources or face talent constraints? By projectizing, i.e. defining the results you are looking to achieve and then working backward to identify the skills you need. We outline more on how to implement projectizing in our guide.

Guide to Working with Independent Consultants

On-demand consultants can be a critical resource for the current era—whether you need to respond quickly to unexpected needs, access crisis expertise, or get experienced support for key leaders. Our guide explains how to find and attract the best on-demand talent as well as maximize their value once they are engaged.

BTG Insights on Demand

The BTG Insights on Demand podcast is packed with advice and tips you can implement now, from talent specializing in a wide variety of industries and business functions. Recent topics have included:

These are the most difficult business conditions most of us have witnessed. It is our hope that these resources help you stay ahead during this uncertain, unprecedented time.

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