Top 3 Business Problems – Digital Health and Marketing

August 1, 2017 Leah Hoffmann

digital health and marketing

Digital disruption has opened up a lot of opportunities in life sciences, from direct sales to data analysis. But what’s the best way to capture them?

Business Talent Group’s on-demand digital experts combine cutting-edge skills with expertise in specific therapeutic areas and geographies to bring you an agile, innovative way to answer big questions, evaluate new opportunities, and stay ahead of the competition.

Here are a few examples.

Digital Health Data Strategy

The director of digital health at a F200 pharma company was developing a new patient adherence device. The goal: to use real-time usage data to improve care and enhance the patient experience. Yet the team was having difficulty determining what information to collect—and developing a comprehensive project plan for the new device. Business Talent Group connected the company with an experienced independent data analyst with F500 operating experience and advanced data science and programming skills. He worked with the team to translate its topline goals into patient-level data, then synthesized the information into a broader strategic roadmap. He also helped refine predictive models that could identify patients at high risk for non-compliance and developed a preliminary analytic engine for guiding intervention. Finally, he identified two vendors that could execute a proof-of-concept pilot and stayed on in a part-time capacity to manage the collaboration. Value: Fast, effective thought leadership on a critical initiative and easy-to-follow execution plans that could be managed internally.

Multi-channel Marketing

The mature brands division at a F200 pharma company was struggling to understand how the digital marketing approvals process varied across Europe. The marketing group was too busy creating plans and materials to assemble a comprehensive view. The head of digital marketing turned to Business Talent Group. We put together a two-person team: an experienced product marketer from Bain and a process planning expert from Deloitte. The team began by reviewing industry-wide best practices, then gathered internal documents and SME interviews to enable the development of process maps. Using that information, they created detailed process maps that showed the differences between countries, including steps, timing, and touch points. Finally, the presented their results in a series of workshops to ensure understanding and compliance. Value: A flexible five-month engagement delivered critical efficiencies across an entire region's work.

Building a Direct-to-Consumer Sales Channel

The transformation group at a F200 pharma company was piloting a direct-to-consumer channel for a dozen of its mature brands. The strategy was set. To keep up with an aggressive execution schedule, however, the group turned to Business Talent Group for program management support. Business Talent Group's consultant—a former Sr. Engagement Manager in McKinsey's healthcare practice—combined strategy expertise with a hands-on leadership style. She began by helping the team finalize business model concepts and plans. Then, she developed a roadmap that would launch the pilot in two different markets and guided its execution. Value: Strong leadership to support a pilot that was launched on time and on budget—and preserved internal ownership of the deliverables.


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