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May 1, 2017 Leah Hoffmann

top talent on demand

Plenty of business opportunities are felt before they are seen. In the case of Business Talent Group (BTG) CEO Jody Miller, it was the realization that combining her executive experience with the consulting expertise of co-founder Amelia Warren Tyagi led to more powerful—and more cost-effective—outcomes for her clients.

Spectrum Enterprise’s SOLVE Magazine gave Jody the chance to revisit the story in their Spring 2017 issue, and examine what makes BTG’s model of delivering top talent on demand so powerful:

Companies don’t have to match the business model of a large consulting firm, with its teams of senior and junior consultants. They can select each member of a team, structure projects the way they want, and bring in top talent for small projects or large. They can get access to talent that they otherwise wouldn’t, whether for geographic reasons, because of demand, or because the professional doesn’t want to work for a big company.

Read the full story at SOLVE.

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