Open Assembly's John Winsor Talks BTG with Co-Founder & Co-CEO Jody Miller

Business Talent Group (BTG) Co-CEO Jody Greenstone Miller sat down with John Winsor of the Open Assembly Podcast. The two discussed the origin story of BTG, their thoughts on the talent economy today, and how talent marketplaces are a leading economic indicator. 

Listen to the conversation:

Source: Open Assembly

Jody notes that companies are using on-demand talent to accelerate digital transformations and address near-term revenue needs as they adapt to COVID-related business constraints. The way companies tap independent talent reveals much about the state of the economy—with companies shifting from urgent needs to long-term growth and strategic initiatives as markets begin to stabilize.

The two also dive into how companies can efficiently use independents across the enterprise—from procurement to HR to heads of strategy—and the changes in mindset that are required for business leaders to embrace working differently.

There's nothing more exciting for a company than when somebody comes in with not only a fresh perspective—but is just really excited to work the way that they're working.

- John Winsor

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