Navigating A Carve-Out Acquisition

Leah Hoffmann

A leading industrial company faced uncharted waters: for the first time, it was making a substantial “carve-out acquisition” from a competitor. The internal acquisition team had only handled much smaller and fully absorbed acquisitions. The division’s EVP wanted to support the team and mitigate the risks involved in the acquisition. He reached out to Business Talent Group with two simple questions: could we provide a consulting executive who could help the team anticipate, assess, prioritize, and resolve issues? Second, could we structure the project to support, not supplant, the internal acquisition leader, while maximizing knowledge transfer?

Business Talent Group selected an experienced executive who had led both strategic and operational aspects of major M&A situations in the industrial and manufacturing sectors. We engaged the consultant to act as a kind of “private adviser” to the client’s head of acquisitions. Seasoned and highly intuitive, he was able to read both corporate cultures and impart credibility and confidence to the entire acquisition team. He anticipated problems, structured transition services, analyzed options, and more.

Thanks to Business Talent Group’s model, the client was able to engage this consultant at exactly the right pace. Once the acquisition was completed, the client eagerly hired our consultant for follow-on work to support the integration.


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