On-Demand Talent for Industrial Goods

March 30, 2020

Business Talent Group’s independent experts, consultants, project managers, and executives are here to help. Our fast, flexible, and low-risk source of skills and expertise can be a tremendous asset for companies in need of nimble remote resources and cross-industry experts to help adapt strategies, mobilize plans, manage workstreams, and implement change. That’s why BTG is trusted by more than 50% of the F100 to curate, vet, and deliver highly skilled on-demand talent.

BTG Talent Facts

4,600+ talent with deep experience in industrial goods

1,100+ talent skilled in supply chain management and logistics

Sample BTG Industrial Goods Talent

Supply Chain and Logistics Expert

Experienced in driving international supply management, cost negotiation, and distribution and logistics initiatives in the industrial goods industry

Analytics Expert

Specializing in pricing, forecasting, supply chain modeling, and inventory optimization for industrial goods companies

FP&A Executive

With experience leading forecasting and long-range planning activities for Fortune 500 industrial goods companies amidst periods of restructuring and change

Organization and Change Management Expert

Helps Fortune 500 companies respond to and mitigate business disruption (PwC-trained)

BTG is here to help with ongoing work and urgent priorities:

Business processes

Cost reduction

Change management


Human resources

Interim leadership



Supply chain management

And more

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