Managing Patient / HCP Promotions Process in Biopharma

August 13, 2020

The U.S. patient access team at an F200 biopharma leader was seeking a strong project manager who would support their market access and marketing teams with patient / HCPs promotions. The client was looking for a consultant who had good payer, patient, and policy acumen, including an understanding of medical benefits, buy and bill, reimbursement, co-pay, etc. The cross-functional key stakeholder alignment was essential to achieving strategic objectives.

BTG delivered a former BMS executive with strong market access, patient access, reimbursement, and project management experience. The consultant supported the U.S. patient access team by developing and deploying patient access promotional materials, working closely with key stakeholders, including brand, access marketing, field teams, external agencies, and regulatory. He worked to execute key messaging, support strategic initiatives, and develop a data-driven customizable patient out-of-pocket impact tool for the reps to use in the field.


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