Preparing a Biopharma Congress Plan

Leah Hoffmann


A global biopharma company was preparing to launch two promising treatments in the same therapeutic area. To maximize impact, the head of marketing wanted to develop a comprehensive healthcare provider (HCP) Congress plan that incorporated both therapies. Yet her lean team lacked the bandwidth to create, execute, and gain cross-functional alignment this critical piece of work.

Business Talent Group delivered an experienced independent biopharma marketing executive who had previously worked at Genentech. This executive began by reviewing the company’s launch plan and working with senior leaders to understand brand objectives. She then developed a detailed Congress plan that aligned with those objectives, incorporating promotional strategies, sponsorships, exhibit presentations, opinion leader engagement strategies, and communications. Finally, she led the team’s effort to execute the plan in preparation for a field sales meeting, driving MAC approvals and coordinating across functions and agencies.


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