Business Talent Group Key Strengths: Operations

Boost performance across the enterprise with highly specialized on-demand expertise.

Corporate operations are complex, but the need for efficiency is greater than ever
before. How much more nimbly or cost-effectively could you do business? How can
you reach across functions to help your company achieve its strategic goals? And
how can you answer these questions while still executing on core activities?
Business Talent Group (BTG) brings operations executives a new way to get work
done. With BTG, you’ll get on-demand access to thousands of highly specialized
consultants, executives, and project managers—cuted, vetted, and delivered in up
to 10-person teams to help you drive improved performance. Whether you need fast
access to cross-industry thought leaders or targeted help to bridge the gap between
design and implementation, BTG will help you work smarter, faster, and more flexibly
with complete control over your most important projects.

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Business Talent Group Key Strengths: HR

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