Why Take a Programmatic Approach to Project Management?

April 15, 2019 Leah Hoffmann

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It’s challenging to resource major business transformations. Redeploying internal resources threatens daily operations, while adding full-time hires is time-consuming and inefficient for temporary initiatives.

It can be even more challenging to keep everything on track, especially when you don’t have a full suite of project managers at your disposal. According to a PwC study, only 2.5% of companies complete all the projects they set out to do, and one in six projects runs at least 200% over budget.

Introducing PM FlexHub

That’s why Business Talent Group created PM FlexHub, a programmatic project management resourcing solution that pairs a customized roster of project managers with a centralized governance and knowledge management hub.

PM FlexHub starts with a stable of independent project and program managers who combine precise-fit experience with domain expertise that’s relevant to your initiative—from life science product launch to innovation and all things digital. These resources are delivered individually or in teams on an on-demand basis, bringing you high-quality, adjustable project management resourcing that’s paced for success and specifically matched to each role.

Supporting them is our PM FlexHub delivery team, which offers a continuous cycle of service and governance.

From start to finish, here’s how FlexPM works:

  • Scope: We identify, vet, and present the best-fit project managers for stakeholder interviews
  • Deploy: We manage the on-boarding of all talent, from contracting to culture
  • Oversee: We build a centralized project governance hub that’s customized to your needs, delivering status reports, insights, and improvement opportunities.

PM FlexHub in action

PM FlexHub is a solution that combines the flexible capabilities—and competitive market-based rates—of the on-demand marketplace with the quality and convenience of a top firm.

Here’s how we customized it for a major change initiative at an F100 life science company:

Executive leaders at an F100 life science company were implementing a multi-year transformational program to boost the speed and efficiency of their global product development function. This would, they knew, be a long-term project with complex, shifting demands. Looking to maximize resources while responding effectively to project demands, they contacted Business Talent Group (BTG).

We customized a PM FlexHub installation that enabled the company to deploy a stable of project managers against various projects and workstreams as capacity needs changed. The BTG Talent Solutions team not only screened, selected, and onboarded each PM professional, but also provided a centralized project governance hub in the form of team leadership and tools, customized per the client’s request for rigorous project status reports, continual insight and improvement sharing, and critical knowledge capture and transfer.

Get in touch today to learn more about how we can customize a PM FlexHub installation for your next major change initiative!

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