Trends by Industry: Life Science

Each year, Business Talent Group releases our High-End Independent Talent Report, looking across industries and business functions to analyze how business leaders deploy independent consultants, executives, experts, and project managers to complete critical work and meet their goals. Here are the top trends in how life science industry leaders deployed these highly skilled talent in 2020.

Independent consultants bring life science companies a unique mix of real-world experience, strategic rigor, and targeted domain expertise in areas like market access and digital health. Small wonder, then, that the industry has long been among the biggest users of this powerful resource. As in previous years, life science executives are turning to independents for help with marketing, sales, and product strategy across business units and therapeutic areas.


67% Strategy
20% Operations
6% Transformation
5% Organization
2% Interim Executive



Marketing and Sales Strategy

Product Strategy and Launch

Business Intelligence and Analytics


Business Processes

Opportunity Assessment

Supply Chain



Project Management

Advanced Analytics

Market Access and Value Strategy

Market Analysis

Product Development and Launch

Strategic Planning

Change Management



  • Provide insights on patient affordability strategies for emerging markets
  • Support the development of clinical trials for a new oncology drug
  • Develop the payer value proposition, messaging, and evidence generation plan for early scientific advice engagement with regulatory agencies
  • Serve as a product manager in the rare disease space and work hands on with team leads on training and education
  • Apply econometrics modeling to optimize market investments and Natural Language Processing (NLP) to perform comparative product pricing analyses




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