Improving Enterprise Data Processes

Leah Hoffmann

The executive team at a major agricultural conglomerate was re-examining how it managed enterprise data and processes. With the help of a Big Three consulting firm, the team crafted a strategic roadmap for IT, sourcing, tax, treasury, and finance, and began to integrate this work with the company’s broader business unit strategies and goals.

The project’s owner, the Head of Global IT, wanted to transfer the integration back to his business unit owners. He also wanted to reduce what had become a hefty consulting spend. But he knew he needed help coordinating workstreams, synthesizing data, and making sure each business got the most out of the consulting firm’s recommendations.

Business Talent Group’s consultant was an Associate Partner at McKinsey who later headed strategy at a global software company. Over the course of the next 12 months, he worked with each business unit to document their processes. Then he used the consulting firm’s framework to craft an actionable plan for improvement. By the end of his engagement, he’d helped each business unit owner realize the full value of the original roadmap, increasing efficiency and ensuring strategic success.


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