Validating Acquisition Targets

Leah Hoffmann

The head of corporate development at a global manufacturing conglomerate wanted to bolster the company’s medical devices portfolio by expanding into a high-growth market that was adjacent to their core space. However, the segment was highly complex, and executives were struggling to validate the opportunity and get a clear picture of potential targets.

Business Talent Group’s lean, two-person team—an ex-McKinsey strategist with experience in the target segment and an ex-Booz M&A specialist—spearheaded the analysis, interviewing internal experts and leveraging secondary research to evaluate market needs and trends. Then, they assessed the potential value and synergies of 15 different companies in the segment.

During the second phase of the project, the team conducted more detailed interviews and analysis to narrow the field to three potential acquisition targets. The subsequent acquisition was one of the most impactful in the firm’s history.


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