Interim Strategy Expert

A large automotive company was launching a new fleet management business at the time that a lead strategy expert for the company was about to go on maternity leave. The VP of Corporate Strategy needed to fill that gap with someone who could expertly lead their existing team through the transition by creating hybrid, adaptable, and scalable systems to manage a high volume of diverse transactions.

Business Talent Group provided a former COO and senior marketing and corporate strategy executive who had deep and relevant experience synthesizing data into insights, extracting decisions from industry trends and analysis, and executing those decisions.

Our consultant worked full-time, mostly on-site, for five months, and was then invited to extend his tenure for three more months to address additional company needs at multiple international locations. Thus, the company not only seamlessly covered a high-level maternity leave, but also analyzed, developed, and executed a complex business strategy in the meantime.

Value: Interim executive-level business strategy leader to develop and launch a new project during a maternity leave

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