Examines the Growing Need for Interim Chief Information Officers

April 21, 2023 Rachel Halversen

Amid a significant increase in demand for interim leadership at the C-suite level (+78% YOY), Business Talent Group’s 2023 High-End Independent Talent Report revealed that interim CIOs, CTOs, and CISOs comprise 10% of all C-suite requests made by BTG clients—highlighting the increased need for experienced technology leaders in 2023.  

With interim and fractional CIOs becoming an increasingly relied on niche in the IT executive job market, turned to Business Talent Group CEO Amelia Tyagi and other thought leaders to understand what’s driving this trend and how skilled IT leaders can be successful in this critical role.

“Fractional and interim CIOs are particularly effective solutions for companies that are undergoing rapid change, or those that have an unexpected leadership gap,” Tyagi explained, noting that these individuals provide much-needed support related to key decision-making and project execution due to their expertise in critical technical areas and specialized points of view. 

She also detailed some of the types of organizations most likely to turn to this type of talent, based on an analysis of BTG’s proprietary data on interim talent engagements. “We see particularly heavy usage by private equity firms and their portfolio companies, as well as mid-cap companies undergoing significant change, such as mergers or acquisitions, spin-off situations, and investor-backed startups,” Tyagi said.


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