BTG Key Strengths: Project Management

April 12, 2019

Delivering major change initiatives on time, on budget, and on target is more critical than ever. Yet according to PwC, only 2.5% of companies complete all the projects they set out to do, and one in six projects runs at least 200% over budget. 

Adding full-time project managers is time-consuming and inefficient for short-term initiatives. Traditional consulting firms aren’t set up to deliver the kind of flexibility executives need on projects with complex, shifting demands—at least, not cost-effectively.

Fortunately, new solutions are available to help companies move both swiftly and efficiently. Business Talent Group (BTG) offers on-demand access to thousands of the world’s best project and program managers—curated, vetted, and delivered individually or in teams to help you plan and manage your most important projects. With experience leading large initiatives and expertise across industries and functions, they can be deployed whenever, wherever, and however long you need them to drive results.

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