Project Management to Drive a Manufacturing Transition in Pharma

March 21, 2024 Summer Foote

The supply chain team of an F200 pharma company embarked on a major initiative to transfer manufacturing of products across cell and gene therapy from a commercial site to a contract manufacturing organization (CMO), to develop, manufacture, and commercialize therapies in clinical trials and in-market. After a traditional consulting firm supported the first phase, the client wanted to exit the consulting engagement and own the transition internally. However, the client needed significant program management support to manage the transition effectively.

Business Talent Group (BTG) provided three skilled talent to step in quickly and help drive the transformation:

Program leader: A hands-on McKinsey, Accenture, and Booz project manager who had previously led multiple supply chain and manufacturing initiatives and had served in PMOs across industries including life sciences, pharmaceuticals, B2B services, telecommunications, and technology

Two skilled project managers: Both highly technical PMs, one with deep experience in life science regulatory affairs and logistics, and the other in business analytics, product management, and risk mitigation

Over the course of the project, the talent ensured tracking of 20+ workstreams, including:

  • Critical path analysis based on fully integrated cross-functional project plan development
  • Generation of project plans and insights based on customized project analysis and scenarios
  • Development of custom visuals and analytics detailing critical path
  • Internal and external coordination

Value: Three project managers with strong technical skills and functional experience to parachute into a key transformation

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