BTG Key Strengths: Strategy

June 6, 2024

Fast Access to Flexible, Cost-Effective Expertise

Today’s strategy leaders are balancing the demands of immediate budgetary decisions, long-term planning, and performance excellence, all in an environment of seemingly constant transformation and change. As such, they are well accustomed to a continual ebb and flow of strategic initiatives and the challenges of accessing much-needed expertise for the moment at hand. 

While the inherently variable nature of strategy work demands a lean team structure, the specialized expertise needed for each initiative requires a ready source of elite resources. Highly skilled on-demand talent offer the speed, agility, and expertise you need at up to 63% lower costs than traditional consulting firms. 

Strategy leaders often tap on-demand talent to support important needs such as:

  • Annual planning and budgeting: To enable surge capacity for times of peak activity
  • Long-term planning: To leverage outside expertise without the footprint of a large consulting firm
  • Corporate development and M&A: To stay nimble amid a highly irregular demand cycle
  • Operational excellence and innovation initatiatives: To drive innovation and change 

Whether you’re seeking consultants with big firm experience, seasoned project managers, or simply expertise you lack in-house, Business Talent Group (BTG) delivers the talent you need to achieve your strategic goals.

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