Digitizing Life Sciences: The Revolution Is Here (Again)

August 10, 2018

By now, the story is familiar: new techniques in AI and data analysis are revolutionizing business decisions and driving productivity, innovation, and efficiency across the enterprise.

Has this revolution come to life sciences? Is it poised to reshape the pharmaceutical industry, where product development is hard to do and even harder to scale, and where each subsequent year of growth is harder to achieve?

Historically, the industry has struggled to adopt “one phrase solutions” to big problems. Efforts to lock up intellectual property through genomic sequencing or create value through M&A have either produced mixed results or failed outright.

So where does this leave you? In this article, we’ll draw on lessons from early efforts to drive big data and advanced analytics in life sciences, explore the most tangible opportunities, and offer a 6-step framework for making successful digital decisions.

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