Data and Analytics Expertise for a Company-Wide Transformation

A multinational life science data and analytics company was under new leadership and undergoing a structural transformation to support a new company strategy. Needing someone who could help refine the company’s data operations to serve the new needs, the head of HR reached out to Business Talent Group (BTG), looking for an experienced, hands-on data and analytics consultant to work with the UK-based team.

BTG provided a data strategy and management executive and former Big 3 consultant, who could provide high-level strategic insight, as well as on-the-ground execution support. Working directly with the COO and CEO, the consultant carried out a capability assessment of the current team’s strengths and weaknesses, identified risks, assessed KPIs and measures, and developed a roadmap for the changes necessary to support the new strategy. He then reviewed ongoing data governance for further improvement, conducted competitive benchmarking, and identified and recommended opportunities for automation and optimization—with the ultimate goal of ensuring the company’s data operations were qualitative, robust, and scalable.


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